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Academic Year 2017
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Academic Year 2017航空貨運之聯盟組合及營收分配分析:模糊合作賽局之應用徐煒翔温裕弘  
Academic Year 2017低成本航空參與聯盟合作之因素特性與影響:探索性分析與差異中之差異分析賴傳育溫裕弘  
Academic Year 2017以悠遊卡大數據探討YouBike租賃及轉乘捷運之使用行為李舒媛鍾智林  
Academic Year 2017探討汽車共享之接受度:以台北都會區為例蕭哲穎羅孝賢  
Academic Year 2017從社群媒體挖掘以感測日常交通滿意度之研究陳翰陶治中  
Academic Year 2016
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Academic Year 2016The Analysis of Usage Intention and Preference of Service Attributes for “Mobility as a Service (MaaS)” Using Technology Acceptance Model and Conjoint AnalysisHao-Chu ChangWen, Yu-Hung  
Academic Year 2016Data Linkage of Traffic Crash Datasets and Hospital Datasets for Investigating Influential factors Affecting Injury SeverityChing NiChen, Wan-Hui  
Academic Year 2016The Study of Extra Trains Schedule Pre-defaulted on TRA Taitung LineCheng-Yi HungFan, Chun-Hai  
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104學年度Applying Random Forest and PIA Attitude Model to Explore New Service Development and Marketing Strategies for Inter-city Transit - Using Yilan as Case StudyTzu-Yen TsaiHsu, Chao-Che  
104學年度Trip Characteristics Analysis of the Taipei City Public Bike SystemChun-Liang HuangChung, Chih-Lin  
104學年度Internet Public Opinion Sentiment Analysis on Topic of Taiwan Freeway’s Distance-based Toll Collection Using Three-way Decisions TheoryYi-Chen TsaiTao, Chi-Chung  
104學年度Operational Performance Evaluation Framework for ETC Derived Business - Viewpoint of Public Private PartnershipHan HungLuo, Shiaw-Shyan  
104學年度A Study on Applying the Big Data of Easy Card to Construct the Passengers' Travel Patterns of Public TransportationHao-Wei LinTao, Chi-Chung  
Academic Year 2014
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Academic Year 2014A Warning Mechanism for Distance-based Electronic Toll Collection Service on Taiwan’s National Freeway by Using Satisfaction IndexYi-Shan ChuangTao, Chi-Chung  
Academic Year 2014Low-Cost Airline Network Flight Frequency Planning in Response to Low-Cost Airline AlliancesHsin-Wei HsiehWen, Yu-Hung  
Academic Year 2014Location Routing Model of Public Bike-Sharing SystemChao-Hsuan KoLuo, Shiaw-Shyan  
Academic Year 2014Operations Assessment of the Taipei Bike Sharing SystemYen-Shan HuangChung, Chih-Lin  
Academic Year 2014Sentiment Analysis of Internet Public Opinions After Introducing Distance-based Electronic Toll Collection on Taiwan's FreewayTing-Kai ChenTao, Chi-Chung 、Shaw, Ruey-shiang  
Academic Year 2013
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Academic Year 2013Dynamic Route Guidance:A Comparative Study of Two Alternative Approaches with Embedded Individual Cognition Behavior Lin Pei-YingTong Chee-Chung  
Academic Year 2013The Study of Cargo Consolidation and Shipment Planning for Integrated Air/Sea Freight Forwarders Chien Yu-Shyun Wen Yuh-Horng  
Academic Year 2013A Study of Market Segmentation and User Characteristic of Urban Electric Vehicle Sharing ServicesWang Chi-Chun Tao Chi-chung、Chung Chih-Lin  
Academic Year 2013A Study of Motorcyclists Acceptable Lateral Clearance Analysis and Application of Inner City Chang Keng-ShuoChang Sheng-Hsiung  
Academic Year 2013A Study of Information Services Providers Cooperative Route Guidance Strategy and the Impact on Dynamic Network Performance Peng Yi-An Tong Chee-Chung  
Academic Year 2012
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Academic Year 2012A Study on Green Transportation Index Clustering and Assessment Procedures for Low-Carbon Communities - The Case of 12 Low-Carbon Communities in North TaiwanZeng Wang-LingTao Chi-chung、Shing Chi-lyang  
Academic Year 2012Forecast of Technology Development of Advanced Traveler Information System by Using Patent AnalysisChou Tsai-ChiehTao Chi-chung  
Academic Year 2012Modeling and Validation of Public Transportation Seamless Transfer Service Quality, Satisfaction and Loyalty: A Case of Transfer Stations in Taipei MetropolitanFan Chieh-ChihTao Chi-chung  
Academic Year 2012A Multi-Agent Based Simulation Model for Light Rail Train OperationsChiang Pin-YingTao Chi-chung  
Academic Year 2012Applying Decision Rule Approach for Improving Customer Satisfaction of Cross-Straits Direct FlightSu Chih-HuiHsu Chao-Che  
Academic Year 2011
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Academic Year 2011Analysis of Social Carrying Capacity of Scenic Area - A Case Study of Yeh-liu GeoparkLin Yu-ChengLiu Shih-Sien  
Academic Year 2011A Study on Evaluation of Exterior Design of Light Rail Vehicle Considering City Landscape Image FactorsLin Meng-ChiehTao Chi-Chung  
Academic Year 2011The Study of a Motorcycle Motion Model in Mixed Traffic - Under the Conditions of Red Signal on the Approach of IntersectionChang Cheng-TaFan Chun-Hai  
Academic Year 2011Applying SIPA and DANP for Measuring Service Quality Gap of Airport - The Case Study of Food & Beverage ServicesWang Yung-ChingHsu Chao-Che  
Academic Year 2011Applying Hybrid MCDM and Fuzzy Integral to Explore the Service Quality of Taipei City BusChen Yong-ShengHsu Chao-Che  
Academic Year 2010
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Academic Year 2010Design and Evaluate the Multi-route Schedule and the Road Map on the BoardYeh Pei-LinChang Sheng-Hsiung, Chen Wan-Hui  
Academic Year 2010A Study of Dynamic Transportation Network Performance under Multiple ISP EnvironmentHsiao Wan-TingTong Chee-Chung  
Academic Year 2010A Study on Compartion of Road Safety Performance in TaiwanCho Hsin-HuiChang Sheng-Hsiung  
Academic Year 2010A Study on Pedestrian Leading Phase Interval and Control Strategies of the Traffic Signal at IntersectionsFu Ren-YiFan Chun-Hai  
Academic Year 2010Optimization of Modal Split in Tourism and Receration Area to Achieve Goals of Sustainable TransportationKang Yu-ShiuanTao Chi-Chung  
Academic Year 2009
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Academic Year 2009The Application of Business Continuity Management for Highway Long Tunnels in Case of Critical Events--The Case Study of Hsueh Shan TunnelWeng Chun-HaoTao Chi-Chung  
Academic Year 2009A Study on Friendliness for Bicycle Riding EnvironmentPai Yi-TungLuo Shiaw-Shyan  
Academic Year 2009A Study on Legalization of Real Time Bus Information Management in TaiwanHsiang TsengTao Chi-Chung  
Academic Year 2009A Study of Identify Driver without Helmet by Using Fuzzy Neural Networks and HSVShue TaichangFan Chun-Hai  
Academic Year 2009Analysis of Driving Ability of Heavy Motor Driver Based on Item Response TheoryPieh Tsung-TingLiu Shih-Sien  
Academic Year 2008
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Academic Year 2008The Study of Feedback Procedure in Sequential Transportation Planning Model with Dynamic Traffic Assignment Jan Yun-YiTong Chee-Chung  
Academic Year 2008The Cause-effect Analysis of Real Estate Value – A Case Study on Tucheng Line of Taipei Mass Rapid Transit Systems Yang Jun-ShengLiu Shih-Sien, Shyr Feng-Yeu  
Academic Year 2008Reverse Logistics Network Design and Planning for Waste Recycling - A Case Study on Waste Computer RecyclingHsieh Chia-JungWen Yuh-Horng  
Academic Year 2008Reverse Logistics and Recycling of End-of-Life Electrical and Electronic Equipment, Demand Analysis for Reverse Logistics and Recycling, Forecasting for Reverse Logistics and Recycling, Artificial Neural NetworkKuo Yu-MengWen Yuh-Horng  
Academic Year 2008The Analysis of Violation of Motorcyclists- A Case Study of Taipei CItyHuang Yu-ChiaLiu Shih-Sien  
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