Brief History


Degree Offered:  

    B.S. (about 500 enrolled undergraduate students)

    M.S. (about 25 enrolled graduate students)

Chair: Wen, Yu-Hung

The Department was established in 1986 for the needs of national infrastructure, construction and economic development. Over the past three decades, we have been aiming to equip students with professional knowledge of highways, railways, marine, aviation, and urban transportation. Education delivered in the Department includes transportation theories and practices with respect to planning, engineering, and operations. 
The junior classes focus on the fundamental transportation and management courses. The senior classes emphasize on the interdisciplinary integration. Emphasis is also placed upon the cultivation of students' ability to implement systems analysis, the use of Computer Aided Instruction (CAI), and actual case studies.
Our students are expected to conduct independent research and address teamwork projects. A graduate program of transportation science was established in 1995. As of 2017, we have about 3,500 graduates―3,350 with a B.S. degree and 150 with a M.S. degree. Most of them hold a transportation-related position in the public and private sectors.

Chronicle of the Department


Establishment of the Department of Traffic Management.

Dr. Tang-Hsien Chang served as the founding chair.


Establishment of the Transportation Division under the Civil Engineering Graduate Institute.


Dr. Chee-Chung Tong succeeded as the second chair.


The Transportation Division was independent from the Civil Engineering Graduate Institute and turned into the master’s program of transportation science.


Dr. Dun-Ji Chen succeeded as the third chair.


The Department was renamed as Transportation Management.


The undergraduate program recruited high school students from the section of science & engineering for one class, and liberal arts & social science for the other class.


Dr. Shiaw-Shyan Luo succeeded as the forth chair.


The undergraduate program resumed to recruit high school students from the section of liberal arts & social science for both classes.


Dr. Sheng-Hsiung Chang succeeded as the fifth chair.


Dr. Shih-Sien Liu succeeded as the sixth chair.


The Department passed the evaluation by the Ministry of Education.


Dr. Chi-Chung Tao succeeded as the seventh chair.


Establishment of the Transportation and Logistics Center.


Dr. Yu-Hung Wen succeeded as the eighth chair. (current department chair and director of the center)

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