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Academic Year 2017
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Academic Year 2017探討汽車共享之接受度:以台北都會區為例蕭哲穎羅孝賢  
Academic Year 2017從社群媒體挖掘以感測日常交通滿意度之研究陳翰陶治中  
Academic Year 2017大群體決策方法應用於我國酒後駕車防制策略之研究林于婷陶治中  
Academic Year 2017個別車輛於號誌交叉路口預估延滯式之研究許芝綾范俊海  
Academic Year 2017以深度學習長短時記憶神經網路演算法建立混合車道之機車行為模式吳建霆范俊海  
Academic Year 2016
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Academic Year 2016The Analysis of Usage Intention and Preference of Service Attributes for “Mobility as a Service (MaaS)” Using Technology Acceptance Model and Conjoint AnalysisHao-Chu ChangWen, Yu-Hung  
Academic Year 2016Data Linkage of Traffic Crash Datasets and Hospital Datasets for Investigating Influential factors Affecting Injury SeverityChing NiChen, Wan-Hui  
Academic Year 2016The Study of Extra Trains Schedule Pre-defaulted on TRA Taitung LineCheng-Yi HungFan, Chun-Hai  
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104學年度Applying Random Forest and PIA Attitude Model to Explore New Service Development and Marketing Strategies for Inter-city Transit - Using Yilan as Case StudyTzu-Yen TsaiHsu, Chao-Che  
104學年度Trip Characteristics Analysis of the Taipei City Public Bike SystemChun-Liang HuangChung, Chih-Lin  
104學年度Internet Public Opinion Sentiment Analysis on Topic of Taiwan Freeway’s Distance-based Toll Collection Using Three-way Decisions TheoryYi-Chen TsaiTao, Chi-Chung  
104學年度Operational Performance Evaluation Framework for ETC Derived Business - Viewpoint of Public Private PartnershipHan HungLuo, Shiaw-Shyan  
104學年度A Study on Applying the Big Data of Easy Card to Construct the Passengers' Travel Patterns of Public TransportationHao-Wei LinTao, Chi-Chung  
Academic Year 2014
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Academic Year 2014A Warning Mechanism for Distance-based Electronic Toll Collection Service on Taiwan’s National Freeway by Using Satisfaction IndexYi-Shan ChuangTao, Chi-Chung  
Academic Year 2014Low-Cost Airline Network Flight Frequency Planning in Response to Low-Cost Airline AlliancesHsin-Wei HsiehWen, Yu-Hung  
Academic Year 2014Location Routing Model of Public Bike-Sharing SystemChao-Hsuan KoLuo, Shiaw-Shyan  
Academic Year 2014Operations Assessment of the Taipei Bike Sharing SystemYen-Shan HuangChung, Chih-Lin  
Academic Year 2014Sentiment Analysis of Internet Public Opinions After Introducing Distance-based Electronic Toll Collection on Taiwan's FreewayTing-Kai ChenTao, Chi-Chung 、Shaw, Ruey-shiang  
Academic Year 2013
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Academic Year 2013Dynamic Route Guidance:A Comparative Study of Two Alternative Approaches with Embedded Individual Cognition Behavior Lin Pei-YingTong Chee-Chung  
Academic Year 2013The Study of Cargo Consolidation and Shipment Planning for Integrated Air/Sea Freight Forwarders Chien Yu-Shyun Wen Yuh-Horng  
Academic Year 2013A Study of Market Segmentation and User Characteristic of Urban Electric Vehicle Sharing ServicesWang Chi-Chun Tao Chi-chung、Chung Chih-Lin  
Academic Year 2013A Study of Motorcyclists Acceptable Lateral Clearance Analysis and Application of Inner City Chang Keng-ShuoChang Sheng-Hsiung  
Academic Year 2013A Study of Information Services Providers Cooperative Route Guidance Strategy and the Impact on Dynamic Network Performance Peng Yi-An Tong Chee-Chung  
Academic Year 2012
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Academic Year 2012A Study on Green Transportation Index Clustering and Assessment Procedures for Low-Carbon Communities - The Case of 12 Low-Carbon Communities in North TaiwanZeng Wang-LingTao Chi-chung、Shing Chi-lyang  
Academic Year 2012Forecast of Technology Development of Advanced Traveler Information System by Using Patent AnalysisChou Tsai-ChiehTao Chi-chung  
Academic Year 2012Modeling and Validation of Public Transportation Seamless Transfer Service Quality, Satisfaction and Loyalty: A Case of Transfer Stations in Taipei MetropolitanFan Chieh-ChihTao Chi-chung  
Academic Year 2012A Multi-Agent Based Simulation Model for Light Rail Train OperationsChiang Pin-YingTao Chi-chung  
Academic Year 2012Applying Decision Rule Approach for Improving Customer Satisfaction of Cross-Straits Direct FlightSu Chih-HuiHsu Chao-Che  
Academic Year 2011
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Academic Year 2011Analysis of Social Carrying Capacity of Scenic Area - A Case Study of Yeh-liu GeoparkLin Yu-ChengLiu Shih-Sien  
Academic Year 2011A Study on Evaluation of Exterior Design of Light Rail Vehicle Considering City Landscape Image FactorsLin Meng-ChiehTao Chi-Chung  
Academic Year 2011The Study of a Motorcycle Motion Model in Mixed Traffic - Under the Conditions of Red Signal on the Approach of IntersectionChang Cheng-TaFan Chun-Hai  
Academic Year 2011Applying SIPA and DANP for Measuring Service Quality Gap of Airport - The Case Study of Food & Beverage ServicesWang Yung-ChingHsu Chao-Che  
Academic Year 2011Applying Hybrid MCDM and Fuzzy Integral to Explore the Service Quality of Taipei City BusChen Yong-ShengHsu Chao-Che  
Academic Year 2010
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Academic Year 2010Design and Evaluate the Multi-route Schedule and the Road Map on the BoardYeh Pei-LinChang Sheng-Hsiung, Chen Wan-Hui  
Academic Year 2010A Study of Dynamic Transportation Network Performance under Multiple ISP EnvironmentHsiao Wan-TingTong Chee-Chung  
Academic Year 2010A Study on Compartion of Road Safety Performance in TaiwanCho Hsin-HuiChang Sheng-Hsiung  
Academic Year 2010A Study on Pedestrian Leading Phase Interval and Control Strategies of the Traffic Signal at IntersectionsFu Ren-YiFan Chun-Hai  
Academic Year 2010Optimization of Modal Split in Tourism and Receration Area to Achieve Goals of Sustainable TransportationKang Yu-ShiuanTao Chi-Chung  
Academic Year 2009
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Academic Year 2009The Application of Business Continuity Management for Highway Long Tunnels in Case of Critical Events--The Case Study of Hsueh Shan TunnelWeng Chun-HaoTao Chi-Chung  
Academic Year 2009A Study on Friendliness for Bicycle Riding EnvironmentPai Yi-TungLuo Shiaw-Shyan  
Academic Year 2009A Study on Legalization of Real Time Bus Information Management in TaiwanHsiang TsengTao Chi-Chung  
Academic Year 2009A Study of Identify Driver without Helmet by Using Fuzzy Neural Networks and HSVShue TaichangFan Chun-Hai  
Academic Year 2009Analysis of Driving Ability of Heavy Motor Driver Based on Item Response TheoryPieh Tsung-TingLiu Shih-Sien  
Academic Year 2008
Paper categoryTitleNameAdviserAttached FileReference link
Academic Year 2008The Study of Feedback Procedure in Sequential Transportation Planning Model with Dynamic Traffic Assignment Jan Yun-YiTong Chee-Chung  
Academic Year 2008The Cause-effect Analysis of Real Estate Value – A Case Study on Tucheng Line of Taipei Mass Rapid Transit Systems Yang Jun-ShengLiu Shih-Sien, Shyr Feng-Yeu  
Academic Year 2008Reverse Logistics Network Design and Planning for Waste Recycling - A Case Study on Waste Computer RecyclingHsieh Chia-JungWen Yuh-Horng  
Academic Year 2008Reverse Logistics and Recycling of End-of-Life Electrical and Electronic Equipment, Demand Analysis for Reverse Logistics and Recycling, Forecasting for Reverse Logistics and Recycling, Artificial Neural NetworkKuo Yu-MengWen Yuh-Horng  
Academic Year 2008The Analysis of Violation of Motorcyclists- A Case Study of Taipei CItyHuang Yu-ChiaLiu Shih-Sien  
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